Funeral Poems For Brother

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Funeral Poems For Brother


  • The ceremonies honoring a dead person, typically involving burial or cremation
  • Funeral is the debut full-length album by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, released on September 14, 2004 in North America by Merge Records and on February 28, 2005 in Europe by Rough Trade Records.
  • A sermon delivered at such a ceremony
  • A funeral is a ceremony for celebrating, sanctifying, or remembering the life of a deceased person. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, from the funeral itself, to various monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor
  • a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated; “hundreds of people attended his funeral”
  • A procession of mourners at a burial


  • A half-brother, stepbrother, or foster brother
  • a male with the same parents as someone else; “my brother still lives with our parents”
  • buddy: a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities
  • A man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents
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  • A piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure
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funeral poems for brother

funeral poems for brother – 5×7 HINGED

5×7 HINGED Double Solid Oak Picture Photo Frame with Memorial/Bereavement The Light Poem and Brother Cream Mat Inserts
5x7 HINGED Double Solid Oak Picture Photo Frame with Memorial/Bereavement The Light Poem and Brother Cream Mat Inserts
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img013floorbeams sauna bathhouse 783 white war harness

img013floorbeams sauna bathhouse 783 white war harness
In kerin it kuvirret, Ingrian Laments, Aili Nenola.

I kept running across the "Shoe eve" of the above caption and couldn’t find it explicated anywhere. Here are some lines from a poem that sort of explains it:

2628 Akulina Kirillova, born 1902, Soikkola, Loca, Eino Kuru. 1968. The bride when her brother puts her shoes on for her I think the first name is of the composer and the second is of the singer. The heading informs us of the person making the lament:

Let me sit down on my joyful evening, ever unhappy
let me settle behind the table, lamenting and sorrowful. I ask my brother, my chip axe:
come by my side, weeping me
come close to my miserable self
begin to put lucky shoes on for me, my unhappy
start lacing my shoes with lucky laces, very sorrowfu ones.
But do you understand, my brother, my chip axe
that you are putting unlucky shoes on me,
it may happen that you will put weeping shoes on me, ever unhappy?

There is a mention of the sauna as in the top caption, or at least I hope the term "bathhouse" in 2444, the bride’s mother laments on the wedding day, Soikkola, Uusikyla, Volmari Porkka, 1882 has something to do with the sauna mentioned there:

When you go onto the smooth floors of the church, my
stroked one
onto the broad floorbeams, my prepared one you should find the ceiling joists or whatever
then look in the proper way, my raised-with-my-hands,
at the high Creators
and stand properly under the pictures of the great Gods
ask for great mercy, my bathed-with-my hands.
When you go for the taking of your lot, my good
brought one
when they’re raining on me hard about conversation I had with "Barbara Lindsey" the one about Greek and the one about making sure to get the grammar right in Latin. The table where the two large females started to talked and when I glanced over one mouthed no at me with a catbird smile. There is a slender dark haired female with a high bun who has augmented the table where the "no way" student age male with curly hair and a happy smile still sits. cough) you go for the making of your destiny, my
born-in-the bathhouse page 783
then ask for the right fortune in life…
winds of god 2112 but there are better ones to whom will I lament the wind
who will now prepare the white war harness 2108 2114 has a horse in such a harness while 2108 seems to be implying wedding garments.
richly bathed one cranberry 2229
taken for the army 3847
bathe me with twigs 2123 2124 (I sort of finished the towheads and started to search out the other poems I was going to put in. They began taunting me and now are raining on me. There is another dark complected student age or so male with a dramatic face and acne scars. He’s been sitting all day to my right and seeming to study without troubling me now he has started to clear his throat at me and he just shook his head no at me like they do without leaving their apparent work. There is a blonde haired male to my left who coughed at me sharply and loudly as he sat a while ago and I think farted (an actual fart) at me but it could have been one the other gargoyles. I can’t see his face. Anyway he just made some kind of gesture as he read what I was writing about the one to my right. It seemed to be a taunt in affirmation of what I was saying about how I believed them to be distracting and ridiculing me. One of the Moslem females I have mentioned just taunted me by putting something in her mouth as I glanced at her. The new handsome face male with acne scare [at least I think he is a different one] at some fruit today. They began bombing hard with vibes 3 or 4 hours before I left and, as usual, I could hardly talk when I got on the bus. There was a middle age female on the bus who was open in her posturing about the contempt she holds me in. I think it was the Moslem female who just coughed at me. A couple who was here last night just left. As they stood, the male said "fuck you" drawing out the "fuck". They brushed close behind me giving me the feeling they were going to kick the back of my chair but neither did. The feeling is really enough. One hit or kicked or brushed against it earlier. cough cough She’s making a show of eating. Someone greeted her earlier and I thought he or she had said something about how he or she wondered if she (the Moslem female) were tormenting me in a bold way but, of course, I couldn’t hear a single word to corroborate the thought. She smiled at him as she replied and it seemed to have a genuine sense of friendliness under the superficial affection. The continue to occasionally to say aloud to me in a taunting mocking way "We’re happy". It will generally be an individual in a "happy" flash mob whom I will see in a sidelong glance his or her smiling face staring at me with a grin during the moment it takes to pass on or turn away. The red haired male is reading this carefully and starting to cough. I just n

Le Jour ni l'Heure : buste de Jean Armour (1765-1834), veuve de Robert Burns (1759-1796), dans le Burns House Museum de Mauchline, East Ayrshire, jeudi 21 août 2008, 15:18:13

Le Jour ni l'Heure : buste de Jean Armour (1765-1834), veuve de Robert Burns (1759-1796), dans le Burns House Museum de Mauchline, East Ayrshire, jeudi 21 août 2008, 15:18:13
Jean Armour or Jean Armour Burns (February 25, 1765 – March 26, 1834), also known as the Belle of Mauchline, was the wife of the poet Robert Burns. She inspired many of his poems and bore him nine children, three of whom survived into adulthood.


Born in Mauchline, Ayrshire in 1765, Jean Armour was second oldest of the eleven children of stonemason James Armour (died 1798) and Mary Smith Armour. She met Robert Burns on a drying green in Mauchline around 1784 when she chased his dog away from her laundry. According to Armour’s testimony in 1827, she met Burns again at a local dance and they subsequently ‘fell acquainted’.

By the time Burns’s first illegitimate child, Elizabeth Paton Burns (1785 – 1817) was born to Elizabeth Paton (died 1817) on May 22, 1785, he and Jean Armour were in a relationship and by the end of the year she was pregnant to him. Her announcement, in March 1786, that she was expecting Robert Burns’s baby caused her father to faint. The certificate of an informal marriage agreement between Burns and Armour was destroyed by James Armour and removed his daughter to Paisley to prevent local scandal. However word had spread and the Mauchline Kirk recalled her on June 10 1786, to admit that she was unmarried and pregnant and to confirm the name of the baby’s father. Burns was called on June 25 to also admit his part in the affair.

His letters from this period indicate that he intended to marry Jean Armour as soon as they realised she was pregnant, but had been discouraged by her reluctance to disobey her father’s disapproval of the union. Additionally, at this point, Burns was romantically involved with ‘Highland’ Mary Campbell (1763 – 1786), who was also allegedly pregnant to him, and was considering a move to Jamaica. The emigration fell through and Mary died in October 1786 before she produced the child. Believing he had been abandoned by Jean Armour he set about having himself declared single again and transferred his property to his brother Gilbert Burns (1760 – 1827) in anticipation of a move. Believing that he was about to abscond, James Armour issued a warrant against him and Burns effectively went into hiding that summer, when co-incidentally his first volume of poetry, commonly called The Kilmarnock Edition was published.

Jean remained with her parents in the village of Mauchline, and Robert in the farm at Mossgiel. The couple continued to live apart even after the birth of their twins Robert (1786 – 1857) and Jean on September 3 1786 and following the success of The Kilmarnock Edition, Burns moved temporarily to Edinburgh. Her returned intermittently to Mauchline, during which time Jean fell pregnant to him again. When Burns returned permanently on February 23, 1788 he found Jean was destitute and had been expelled from the family home. They reconciled their relationship, Burns found her a place to stay. On March 3 she went into labour and delivered a second set of twins, two girls, one of whom died on March 10, the other on March 22. In the wake of Burns’s new found celebrity as a poet, James Armour relented and allowed his daughter to be married to him. Although their marriage was registered on August 5, 1788 in Mauchline, the parish records describe them as having been ‘irregularly married some years ago’. She and Burns moved to Ellisland farm where they stayed until 1791 when they moved to Dumfries, where both would live for the rest of their lives.

Jean Armour and Robert Burns had nine children together (he had another four by other women), the last of whom was born on the day of his funeral in July 1796.

Her widowhood and the straightened circumstances she found herself in after Burns’s death attracted national attention and a charitable fund was collected for her and the children. She survived her husband for 38 years, and lived to see his name become celebrated throughout the world. Twenty years after his death his celebrity had reached such a point that his remains were removed from their modest grave in St Michael’s Kirkyard, Dumfries, and placed in a specially commissioned Mausoleum.

Here, Jean Armour was buried when she died in 1834.

Statues of Jean were erected in Mauchline in 2002 and in Dumfries,opposite St Micheal’s kirk in 2004

funeral poems for brother

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